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Series A is designed to interchange and perform according to ISO 7241-A standard. It is one of the most popular coupling design worldwide and is indicated for several mobile and industrial applications.

  • Interchangeability according to ISO 7241-A
  • Standard material: steel
  • Plugs treated with induction hardening
  • Internal valves in hardened steel
  • Standard seals in nitril rubber
  • Back-up seals in teflon;
  • Working temperature with standard nitril seals: -20°C / +110°C;
  • Special seals on request: Viton, EPDM, Neoprene
  • 1/2” plug and socket are also available in a special version allowing their connection in presence of residual back pressure.
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1/4"-6,3mm, 3/8"-10mm, 1/2"-12,5mm, 3/4"-20mm, 1"-25mm, 1.1/4"-31,5mm, 1.1/2"-40mm, 2"-50mm

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1/4"-BSP, 1/4"-BSPT, 1/4"-NPT, 3/8"-BSP, 3/8"-BSPT, 3/8"-NPT, 1/2"-BSP, 1/2"-BSPT, 1/2"-NPT, 3/4"-BSP, 3/4"-BSPT, 3/4"-NPT, 1"-BSP, 1"-BSPT, 1"-NPT, 1.1/4"-BSP, 1.1/4"-BSPT, 1.1/4"-NPT, 1.1/2"-BSP, 1.1/2"-BSPT, 1.1/2"-NPT, 2"-BSP, 2"-BSPT, 2"-NPT


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