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PYROSIL TEJP 11m/rulle

Självhäftande elastisk högtemperatur tejp av silikon. Klarar konstant temperatur på 246°C.

Används med fördel tillsammans med Fire Sleeve skydd.

Tillgänglighet: 20 i lager

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Pyrosil Tape

Silicone rubber high temperature tape forms a non-adhesive, self-bonding, self-curing, liquid-tight insulation barrier

High Temperature Insulation Tape:

Pyrosil is a non-adhesive, iron oxide red silicone rubber tape, designed to withstand continuous exposure to temperatures up to 246°C.

Broad application range:

By virtue of its high dielectric strength, Pyrosil heat resistant tape is an excellent alternative to heat shrinkable tubing, vinyl tapes and wraps.

Typical applications include:

wrapping wiring harnesses; protecting splices and terminations of power cables; insulating coils on motors and generators.

Pyrosil is also ideal for use as an end sealant in conjunction with Fire Sleeve to prevent hydraulic oils and contaminants wicking into the inner braid.

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