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Series FA flat face couplings are dimensionally interchangeable with our F series but allow higher pressures. The FA series performances make this range the ideal solution for heavy duty mobile applications where high working pressure and peak pressures are associated to difficult environmental working conditions.

  • Perfect sealing of plug and socket both when coupled and uncoupled
  • Extremely low spillage during connection and disconnection
  • No inclusion of air or external media during connection and disconnection
  • The flat faces are easy to clean
  • Sleeve with a safety device preventing from accidental disconnection
  • Standard seals in nitril rubber
  • Antiextrusion ring in teflon
  • Working temperature with standard seals: -20°/ +110°C
  • Body size 3/8 (DN 9) is interchangeable according to HTMA design
  • Special seals on request: Viton, EPDM.

FPM plug is a special version allowing connection by hand with back pressure up to 200 bar. Available in sizes 1/4” to 1”.

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1/8"-5mm, 1/4"-6,3mm, 3/8"-10mm, 1/2"-12,5mm, 3/4"-20mm, 1"-25mm, 1.1/4"-31,5mm, 1.1/2"-40mm

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1/8"-BSP, 1/8"-BSPT, 1/8"-NPT, 1/4"-BSP, 1/4"-BSPT, 1/4"-NPT, 3/8"-BSP, 3/8"-BSPT, 3/8"-NPT, 1/2"-BSP, 1/2"-BSPT, 1/2"-NPT, 3/4"-BSP, 3/4"-BSPT, 3/4"-NPT, 1"-BSP, 1"-BSPT, 1"-NPT, 1.1/4"-BSP, 1.1/4"-BSPT, 1.1/4"-NPT, 1.1/2"-BSP, 1.1/2"-BSPT, 1.1/2"-NPT


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